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Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs


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be of service?

Our focus is helping you  discover where your personal finances are now, then helping you   

find exactly where you need to go.

Our Process


We will assess a mutual fit and hear about you, your history with money, and your goals.


Focusing further on your concerns, goals, and desires will allow us to understand your unique needs and objectives. We’ll review a one-page plan with takeaways. Best part, it’s yours to keep.


We will collect any necessary information while helping you sort through your financial life and get organized.




Analyzing and evaluating your current financial status together using our financial planning software.



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This is the plan presentation. We will walk through our software or review key findings to get on the right track.

Then, we proceed to our ongoing annual service calendar.

Sound good?

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your perfect fit.


Jen is 12 years into her Event Planning career. She started her own company 5 years ago, and has seen incredible growth in her business. She is taking home over $100,000 per year, and is thinking about hiring some employees to lighten her load.

She needs help organizing and investing her excess cash flow, and ensuring she is increasing her personal net worth as her business grows. She's interested in starting young, and delegating the growth of her wealth to a strategic partner.

She also wants a second set of eyes on her expansion plan, to make sure she's covering what she needs to cover as she adds employees.

She fits our  Build 

service perfectly.


Nancy has owned her successful home goods store for over twenty years, is raising 3 kids, and trying to navigate getting them out the door to college. She and her husband Tom are thinking for the first time about their needs for retirement, and also contemplating a second home. They are enjoying successful and steady salaries from their jobs, but aren't sure what their top priorities should be.

They need analysis on their whole financial picture, but don't have a huge nest egg outside of Tom's 401(k) plan. Once the college funding is sorted out, they want to aggressively save for retirement, and eventually sell Nancy's business - but that's not for several years.

She fits our  Grow

service perfectly.


Carolyn has just been approached by one of the largest beauty manufacturers in the world about selling her beauty products business. She's excited, nervous, and overwhelmed by the details of the offer, and what it might mean for her next chapter.

She needs to be sure the offer provides for her retirement, and she wants hire the right person to handle the investment of her upcoming sale proceeds. She's worked on this business for what feels like her whole life, so she needs a financial planner to organize her next steps, and walk with her though retirement.

She fits our  Sustain

service perfectly.

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