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Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

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be of service?

Our focus is helping you  discover where your personal finances are now, then helping you   

find exactly where you need to go.

Our Process


We will assess a mutual fit and hear about you, your history with money, and your goals.


Focusing further on your concerns, goals, and desires will allow us to understand your unique needs and objectives. We’ll review a one-page plan with takeaways. Best part, it’s yours to keep.


We will collect any necessary information while helping you sort through your financial life and get organized.




Analyzing and evaluating your current financial status together using our financial planning software.



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This is the plan presentation. We will walk through our software or review key findings to get on the right track.

Then, we proceed to our ongoing annual service calendar.

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Women's Finances

Meet Nancy.
Nancy lost her husband at the end of 2021. She was left with their home and an investment portfolio of $5 million. The holidays were a fog. Her kids tried to help but there were so many numbers to organize. 
Then the market did horribly in 2022. Nancy didn't know what to do.
Should she sell everything? 
How much can she spend?
Can she afford to help her kids without running out of money?
Can she afford to travel?
Does she need to work, or can she spend all her time with her grandchildren?


Our Ideal Client

We want to help every potential client we come across, but we've made a deliberate decision to keep our client list very small. As the founder of Laughter Financial, I, Molly, want to provide the most value I can to the women I support.  


As a client you'll work exclusively with me, and I'll dedicate a high level of time and energy to our relationship. For this reason, I currently work with women with at least $2 million to invest.


The most we charge per year is 0.85% of assets under management compared to the standard 1% in the investment industry.


Financial Planning is an included service, you don't need to pay extra for it.

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